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a. We use the term "Test Instrument" interchangeably with the terms "Reference/Test Standard", "Calibrator" and/or "DPC"
b. We use the term "Calibration" interchangeably with the term "Verification".
c. ProCal does have the ability to store calibration records for your reference standards, and to link to calibration certificates stored in a network folder
d. ProCal also gives you the ability to create one or more "Service Companies" which can share reference standards with your clients
e. There are also many configuration and workflow options for controlling whether a particular reference standard may be used for a particular calibration.
f. Company reference standards separate from client instruments - Your company's reference standards reside within one or more service companies (as do your instruments)
g. Your client's instruments reside in their company
h. Your reference standards are used to perform calibrations on client instruments
i. Reference standards are not "duplicated" at the various client companies - They exists in a single, centralized location with full traceability for all calibrations they perform
Nomenclature for Loop and Systems and Equipment

j. Loops, Systems and Equipment are hierarchical entities.  They are a way to organize instruments into working groups.
k. Loops and Systems include calibrations, whereas equipment does not and;
l. Systems can contain Loops, Equipment and other Systems.

4 Quality Engineers

ProCalV5 is used by Quality engineers in thousands of manufacturing plants globally to automate, schedule track and perform verification(s) to ensure the most effective and efficient production environment managed through quality assured workflows. 


4 Calibration Laboratories

We assist you with preparing your Laboratory for ISO Accreditation.  ProCalV5 can support your accreditation audit, or provide assistance with completing one of more of the following requirements...

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4 Engineering Companies

Engineering services companies use to our Asset Management Services for their field Test and Measurement Equipment.

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